Content marketing can inspire so many different activities.  For example, interacting on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter is an option.  Developing videos and writing blogs are other good content marketing projects as well.  However, a good content marketing strategy should be a mixture of several different activities that should be done on a weekly or monthly basis.  
For instance, being involved in some form of social media should be accomplished at least a few times a week.  These activities can include posting on your company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media account.  Not only should posting be done, but also commenting and sharing content is a great idea of connecting with your social media community!
Creating and distributing blog posts should be another part of a business’s content marketing strategy.  Topics can include how-to articles, industry news as it pertains to a business and their customers, personal stories, beginner’s guides and breaking news, just to name a few!  
Videos are yet another highly effective content strategy activity.  It is true that developing a video is very time consuming, but they are very powerful in the viewer’s mind!  Some concepts that can be considered for a marketing video are how a company’s product or service can be helpful in a particular instance or an overview of a business.  Be watching a video that Media Services Unlimited is producing!  We hear it is going to be pretty good!  😊
Last, but certainly not least, email marketing should be a must in any marketing plan.  With email marketing, emails can be sent to specific people in the company’s database.  For example, a business may have customers who have bought kitchen items in the past.  An email can be sent to those customers notifying them of a sale on other kitchen accessories.  Other ideas for an email campaign are signup forms, announcements for new products, invitations coupons and even videos. 
From the above examples, it should be clear that content marketing can be very beneficial to a company’s bottom line!  However. developing any kind of content marketing task takes time.  a small company may not want to bring on a marketing person on staff, but there are other options.  For instance, there are small marketing companies such as Media Services Unlimited that specializes in assisting small businesses and nonprofit organizations in performing marketing projects.  The point is whether a company has a marketing person on staff, or if assistance is gained from an outside source, do these marketing projects!  We promise it will be worth the time and effort!